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Missions and Explorations in the Eastern Mediterranean, 1500 -1830

TravelTrails is an online database, which indexes, categorizes and analyzes travelers’ accounts in the Eastern Mediterranean from the early sixteenth-century up to 1830. Based on the collections of the Gennadius Library and the Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation, it helps the user to navigate through the diverse and rich historical information contained in travel literature.

Anemi, Digital Library of Modern Greek Studies

Anemi Digital Library aims to provide simple and quick access to a rich collection of digitized material related to Modern Greek Studies. Apart from finding bibliographic information, the researcher can also browse the documents themselves in electronic form. Here you may find a great number of old and rare documents, as well as recent publications for which their creators allowed the digitization and free distribution over the Internet.

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ToposText, mapping of 1200 years of Greek literature to the cities they founded, the peoples they encountered, and the monuments they left behind, from Spain to India. 

“Kallipos” Repository

The “Kallipos” Repository gathers books, handbooks and learning objects, which were either produced within the framework of the “Hellenic Academic Electronic (Text)books”

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